Goldspeed Tires

Goldspeed USA ATV & UTV Tires for sale. Goldspeed European Tires (Tyres!) are known as the best in the industry with race-proven performance from Championship EU & USA ATV Teams! Goldspeed tires are of excellent quality, built to precise specifications that meets & exceeds the European standard. Goldspeed's special Rubber compound they call PPM (Puncture Proof Material!) is multiple times stronger than normal rubber. This special rubber compound allows for a super lightweight tire that gives awesome performance, with considerably less tire bounce that can be characteristic with other ATV tire brands. 

Goldspeed Tire Guide:

The Goldspeed SXF & SXR (Front & Rear) tire is the original, famous, and most popular Goldspeed ATV MX racing tire. The Goldspeed MX tire can be used for MX & XC Racing. The MXF front tire is for hard pack. The MXR is Goldspeeds next rear tire design. The MXR-2 combines the SXR & MXR treads to create the ultimate tread pattern. The SC3 is a sand & Baja tire. The MXU is a 4x4/Utility ATV tire once used by GNCC National 4x4 Pro Champion Kevin Cunningham. 

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